Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday weight gain season has officially begun!

After having a nice Thanksgiving with your family you are probably thinking how can you enjoy the holiday season without gaining the Seasonal Seven. Yes 7 pounds is the average weigh most of us will gain between Thanksgiving and the New Year. The festivities don't have to be eliminated or avoided. You can have a fabulous time while also maintaining your weight and your fitness regimen.

Here are some tips to help you during those hectic holiday weeks:

1. Stay active. Best thing to do-stick to your regular schedule! Not only will it help keep weight gain down, it will give you more energy and it will reduce your stress. Burn 400-500 calories with Baby Boot Camp classes. We are staying on our regular schedule during the holiday season! Haven't tried Baby Boot Camp classes yet? Join Baby Boot Camp in December and get the whole month for free! Contact Jana for more details.

2. Drink a lot of water. Sometimes when we think we are hungry we are really only thirsty.

3. When running errands or shopping, be sure to pack some healthy snacks to have on-hand. Then after you work-up a big appetite, you won't be tempted to grab something at the mall food court or the fast food restaurant on the way home.

4. Don't starve yourself. You will be so hungry by the time you get to the party, that you will forget about any sense of the word moderation or control. You are setting yourself up for a major binge. Make sure to eat your normal (healthy, hopefully) small meals 5-6 times a day and keep your hunger at bay so that you can enjoy the food at the party without going overboard. If all else fails and you're having a hard time making good decisions at a party, suck on a sugar-free Halls Eucalyptus drop. I can assure you... absolutely NOTHING tastes good after having that flavor in your mouth! Especially cheesecake.

5. Avoid wasting calories on alcoholic beverages. The average alcoholic drink contains 150 - 200 calories per glass. Indulge in just 2-3 drinks and you've drunk the equivalent calories of an entire meal. If you partake in these beverages, choose wisely. For example, instead of having a full glass of wine, try mixing half a glass of wine with sparkling water or with a diet soda. This will help cut your calories in half.

6. Enjoy what you love. We all have those certain dishes or items that just bring us back to childhood and make the holidays special. Go ahead, indulge! Be choosy about what you indulge in though. Don't choose the pumpkin pie just because it is lower in fat than the pecan (which it is). If you want the pecan, choose the pecan! You don't want to set yourself up for binges later. That one piece of pumpkin pie may not satisfy you, so you may have another when, really, you could have had just one piece of pecan and been completely satisfied. Give yourself permission to enjoy the holidays. Just enjoy with a sense of moderation. If you want to splurge on dessert, maybe you are a little more careful with your entrée choice.

7. Holidays are days. Yes, days, not weeks, not months, but days. Treat them that way. Enjoy yourself on the particular holiday, but then go right back to your normal healthy eating plan. Just because it's the day before, the day before Christmas Eve, doesn't mean it's a holiday!

8. Eat, drink, and be Merry!It can't be said enough. This is a season that is full of joy, love, and many good things if you let it be just that. Let your body and mind tell you what it needs, wants, and can do without. Live a little, but don't go overboard if it is only going to make you miserable the next day. It is supposed to be fun and it will be if you stay true to yourself and your needs.

Hopefully these tips will help you find a balance between staying fit and also enjoying the fun of the season. Remember, moderation is the key. Have a great holiday season!