Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strollometer - update

Just a quick update with miles that you have run/walked since we started our challenge. The total is: 179.66 miles. Good job mammas!!! I know the weather hasn't been nice, it has been raining a lot and we need to walk more outside of classes when the weather permits to win.

Here are the numbers:
Danae 56.5 miles
Lindsay 33.5 miles
Gina 26miles
Lisa Spasov 21.5miles
Holly 14.16 miles
Lisa Searles 11 miles
Miriam 11 miles
Sara 9 miles
Cindy 9 miles

We only have 11 days to go (now I wish February was longer :-) ) so we need to walk at least 2 miles every day....

Keep up the good work!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The challenge has started today!

The Baby Boot Camp's 2009 Mother Love Fitness Challenge has started today. We are still waiting for our Strollometers that should come any day soon but have already started counting our miles. I will be posting the results once a week so you will have an idea and motivation to walk/run more. The winner will get a Bootcamp for Boobs kits from Mama Mio skincare (http://www.mamamio.com/)

Current standings:

Lisa Saenz Spasov - 14miles

Gina Williams - 11 miles

Danae La Trobe - 5 miles

Lisa Searles - 8 miles

Sara Connors - 3 miles

Miriam - 6 miles

Cindy Lee - 3 miles

Holly Rudnick - 0 miles

Lindsay McCoy - 3 miles

Tonight we had lot of fun during our pm cardio class during sunset and the babies finally took a nap after being awake all day. On the picture from the left: Sara, Gina and Lisa